Regional Museum, Mikulov

  • garment of Margaretha Francizka Lobkowicz née Dietrichstein, 1st half of the 17th century
  • garment of Wenceslas William Popel of Lobkowicz, 1st half of the 17th century
  • garment of Raimund Joseph Dietrichstein, 2nd half of the 17th century
  • garment of Maria Anna Josepha Dietrichstein née Khevenhüller, 2nd half of the 18th century


Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague

  • chasuble with embroidery, 15th century
  • chasuble with applied decorations, 17th century
  • embroidered stola, 1st third of the 18th century
  • chasuble with embroidery, Josef Šíma, 1895
  • chasuble with applied decorations, 18th century
  • chasuble of patterned fabrics, middle of the 18th century


Lobkowicz Collections

  • banner embroidered with Pernstein-Lobkowicz heraldry, 18th century, Nelahozeves Chateau
  • textile chinoiseries from the Lobkowicz family collection, beginning of the 18th century Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle


National Heritage Institute in Prague

  • several hundred archaeological textile fragments, 13th/14th centuries, Prague
  • textile fragments from the Church of Saint Michael in Prague, 17th century
  • embroidered headband – archaeological textile from the Dominican Convent of St. Giles in Prague, 17th century


National Heritage Institute in Ostrava

  • fragments of Baroque grave garment, Bohušov


National Heritage Institute in České Budějovice

  • fragment of medieval textile, Vítkův Kámen, Pasečná
  • Reneissance doublet, Kratochvíle Chateau
  • two Renaissance chasubles and other components of liturgical vestments, Kratochvíle Chateau
  • Renaissance wedding blanket of Catherine de Montfort and Adam of Hradec, Jindřichův Hradec Chateau
  • Suzani (ruijo) embroidery, ca. 1900, Červená Lhota Chateau


National Heritage Institute in Loket

  • fragments of grave garment from the Church of the Holy Trinity, Valeč


National Heritage Institute in Telč

  • upholstery of arm-chairs, 19th century

Prague Castle Administration

  • fragments of clothing of a newborn, 2nd half of the 13th century
  • Kruseler and other textiles from the coffin of the wives of Charles IV, 14th century
  • fabric with birds in medallions, 12th century
  • textiles from the tomb of St. Ludmila, 10th and 11th centuries
  • fragments of a pontifical shoe of Bishop Šebíř, 11th century
  • silk lining of a dalmatic from the tomb of Charles IV, 14th century
  • fabrics from the tomb of St. Wenceslas, 12th to 16th centuries
  • methodological guidance, e.g. during preservation of textiles from the grave of Ottokar II, Charles IV, George of Poděbrady


Moravian Gallery, Brno

  • Baroque door curtain, probably Turkish, 18th century

Metropolitan Chapter of St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

  • embroidered chasuble, J. Fanta, ca. 1910


Prague Vyšehrad Chapter, Prague

  • examination of Premyslid textile fragments


National Museum, Prague

  • textiles from the treasure of the Guild of Prague goldsmiths


Museum of North Bohemia in Liberec

  • silk painted banner with gondolas, 16th century


Municipal Museum of Polná

  • sepulchral textiles of the Žejdlic family, 17th century

Museum of the Boskovice Region

  • silk painted banner, 16th or 17th century


Museum of the Brno Region

  • silk knitted stocking of Jan Diviš of Žerotín, beginning of the 17th century